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19 April 2021

It’s easy to spend hours, days even, on a new game. If you’re playing games on a limited 4G LTE connection, however, the good times can become costly when you exceed your monthly data limit. While gameplay itself doesn’t typically use much data, the downloads and updates that come along with that gameplay can easily push you over the edge.

Game downloads, updates, and patches use a lot of data. Online game downloads use a huge amount of data. The hour you spend downloading a new game onto your console can end up using as much data as two years of nonstop gameplay would use. While mobile game downloads use significantly lessdata, they still use more than playing the game does. Day-one patches are, sometimes, just as bad as game downloads. Even if you download the game to your console from a disk (offline), you might still have to download a large day-one patch online.

A game update often uses as much data as dozens of hours of gameplay. If your device isn’t portable, these updates are unavoidable. If your device is portable, turn off automatic updates and connect to an unlimited internet connection, like public Wi-Fi at the local library, to update your game.